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Why play schools have become bliss for the parents?

In today’s modern world, there are just no boundaries for developing and learning. Education is considered a life-changing decision. Today, parents are focused on creating a bright future for their children. We know curious kids learn and develop more. Their curiosity makes them ask endless questions, therefore, helping them to learn more and more. Play Schools and preschools are now considered the mainland for toddlers, where they get the opportunities to develop into a kid.

There are multiple benefits in sending a toddler to a play school.  Let’s understand some unique benefits why you should consider sending your little ones to preschool.

Benefits you should consider sending your kids to play schools

Physical health development

This is a growing stage, where children start to develop physically. Writing, playing, and reading—they learn the new things that contribute to their physical development. They meet new kids and teachers who play with them during the time they stay in the preschool. It is needless to mention that children will become more comfortable and confident to play around with other kids as compared to adults. Thus, it becomes a foundation for kids to go out and discover new things.

Develops better character

When you enroll your toddler in a play school, they get to develop a good character from a tender age. They learn the art of admitting their mistakes and even become teachers by correcting adults. Do you know that even a short moral story can change his little mind? Play schools in Ahmedabad have their own unique ways of imbibing good qualities in kids.

Kid’s education foundation

When a toddler visits preschool, they get to learn about numbers, alphabets, and basic things that are essential to understand before enrolling in a kindergarten. Hence, preschools become the basic foundation for children’s education—they learn in the flow, but at their own comfort zone and pace. You would be surprised to know that teachers in preschools never force children to learn. They teach children according to their interests.

Surprisingly, we tend to forget what we learn for examinations but never forget things that are taught to us in preschool. Isn’t it?

Enhance social connection

In a play school, children get to learn more about social connections. They meet new kids, new teachers, as well as the parents of other kids. Therefore, it can be termed an opportunity to meet new people every day of varying ages. It creates chances for the little ones to connect emotionally without barriers. They also develop a sense of self-confidence for approaching others because they contact so many people every day.

Bridges the gap between playschool and kindergarten 

Children who attend playschools can conveniently adapt to the new routine of a real school. This transforms a toddler into a kid. The manners of following the rules and regulations as well as the instructions of teachers are imbibed in the toddlers during the preschool sessions. Preschools ensure that toddlers are well-versed with alphabets and numbers. Thus, it becomes easier for a kid who has already attended preschool to adapt himself to kindergarten.

Learning and enjoying

Playschools come up with a range of fun activities like art and craft singing, storytelling outdoor and indoor games as well as child projects. These are developed by experienced teachers to engage children in learning new things while enjoying themselves. Toddlers even get to learn academic basics like learning the colors, names of the fruits and vegetables and counting while attending these sessions.

Supervision of trained staff

Preschools hire trained and experienced staff who have undergone multiple courses to obtain certificates in childcare training. Thus, you can ensure that your child is in good hands. The professionals are knowledgeable and understand child development and need better. Sometimes, they get to understand toddlers even better than their parents, owing to their training and experience.

Reduces the separation anxiety

Playschools prepare toddlers for admission into formal schools. The first day of school is really traumatic for a toddler due to the separation from their parents. All of a sudden, he has to enter a strange place, surrounded by unknown faces. At the age of three or four, a child has to visit the school for the first time. Preschools prepare them to reduce this trauma of separation. It makes infants more independent and self-confident, along with improved vocabulary and interpersonal skills.

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As a parent, it is your responsibility to put your child in the right place to ensure a better future. And, investing in playschools can be a value-adding thing for your child’s education.


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