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As children, almost all of us had swimming with Lifeguard Training lessons and enjoyed many more dives afterwards. At children’s parties and on vacation, you probably went crazy when the activity was scheduled. But why don’t we do this so much later in life? Because it’s still super fun! And beyond that, swimming is one of the healthiest sports to practice. Few sports are as good for your body as swimming! Read the 4 benefits of swimming as a workout below and there is a good chance that you will be eager to take a dip just like before.


1. Conditional

Like running, swimming is a form of cardio. One of the best benefits of swimming is that you train your fitness. You also burn a lot of calories with it. The more often you go swimming, the better you will notice that you can also sustain other activities, such as climbing stairs or lifting heavy groceries, better and longer. Swimming is very intensive, so you will quickly improve your lung capacity. At first you may be out of breath after a few laps, but don’t give up and keep going regularly! Then you notice how quickly you are actually working on your fitness. Your circulation and lung capacity will thank you. Moreover, it is always nice and warm in a swimming pool and you can work on your condition in a very chilled way by, for example, going swimming with a good friend.

2. Muscles

While swimming you don’t just use your leg muscles like you do with cycling and running. Your whole body will be used and all your muscles will be engaged. In addition, you are lighter in the water, which ensures that your muscles are, as it were, supported by the water and therefore will not be overloaded so quickly. You train all muscles automatically in a balanced way. An ideal sport for beginners to build fitness and gently build muscle mass.

In addition, a perfect sport to combine with strength sports. If you already have a trained body and, for example, have had a heavy leg day, it is not so wise to do a heavy workout in the gym or a run again. Swimming with Lifeguard Training for half an hour to an hour can help you give your body some extra shape. It helps you swim out the muscle pain at the same time. The chance of overloading with swimming is virtually nil.

3. Combustion

Depending on how intensively you swim laps, swimming can burn 500 to 750 calories per hour. And that’s a lot compared to many other sports! This is of course because you use many different muscles while swimming. Because swimming with Lifeguard Training helps to burn fat quickly, it is also a good sport for anyone who wants to lose weight in a fun way.

Running and cycling are often seen as heavy sports by overweight people. Due to being overweight, these sports can actually cause weight problems and/or injuries. Swimming is then a perfect sport as a first step. Because you don’t get any problems with your joints from swimming laps and yet you build a fitter body relatively quickly. For many people, being active in the water does not feel like sport, but as a pleasant way of moving. Especially when you go with a swimming buddy and have a nice chat while you continue to swim laps, the hour is over in no time.

4. Injuries

You can ALWAYS swim! One of the most common excuses for not exercising or why people are unable to lose weight is: I have an injury. And indeed, with injuries you often can’t run or go to the gym. But you can swim! In fact, it’s really good to go swimming if you have an injury! You can even get fit and strong again faster.

It is not for nothing that many doctors recommend swimming with Lifeguard Training  as a rehabilitation method after people have broken something or have had a serious accident. If you really have specific physical limitations, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor or your physiotherapist. But in most cases this one will also confirm that you can swim just fine! Maybe you should leave certain strokes for a while, but then there are always plenty of options left! Swimming can’t just help you with an existing injury. Because the sport itself is not prone to injury at all, it is also a very good option for recovery training after a (half) marathon or heavy training in the gym. And of course very suitable for injury-prone people to be able to keep moving regularly.

Of course, these benefits of swimming with Lifeguard Training only work if you actually go regularly. Doing a few laps once a month obviously doesn’t help much. For beginners, it’s good to go for an hour once or maybe twice a week. You will soon notice that your condition improves and that you may also be able to do more and more jobs in an hour. Agreeing with a swimming buddy at a fixed time on a fixed day of the week may help you to keep going. Of course it also makes it extra cozy.

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