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Common Tooth Injuries And How To Fix Them With Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth injuries can occur at any time, anywhere. Such situations demand you to get hold of a reliable dentist near Irving, TX, to fix the problem as soon as possible. Now, your dentist will, of course, tell you about the most suitable treatment to improve your particular injury. But if you wish to know beforehand what kind of treatment you require, you have come to the right place! 

Here, we will walk you through the most common tooth and facial injuries and how cosmetic dentistry can treat them. So let’s get started!

Tooth Injuries And Their Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment 

Tooth Injury 

A typical tooth injury is broken blood vessels in your tooth pulp, causing tooth discoloration. It can happen during tooth trauma that makes the blood leak into your dentin layer. Thus, it becomes visible through the enamel, causing discoloration. Here is how cosmetic family dentistry can fix it. 



Veneers are the best solution for this type of teeth discoloration. It is a porcelain shell bonded to your teeth to hide the problem. It helps to improve your appearance as it is made to match your natural teeth’ color. The veneers are very durable products. If you take care of them properly, they will easily last you 15-20 years!


Your dentist can also suggest tooth whitening for your trauma-induced discoloration. Several tooth whitening options can restore your natural tooth color. You can either do it at home or, better, get a tooth bleaching at your dentists’ chamber. 

Tooth Injury 

Tooth injuries are inevitable, if you are prone to falling or are an athlete. Unfortunately, fractured or chipped teeth are some of the most common injuries in these scenarios. Here are some of the best solutions to the problem. 



Veneers can fix this tooth injury as well. If you have any chip or tooth fracture, you can get your dentist near Irving, TX, to put a dental veneer on it. It will cover up the problem and improve your appearance. 


If the chip or fracture is minor, you can get delta bonding. Your dentist will etch the tooth surface. Then they will place a tooth-colored plastic resin with a bonding liquid. It will secure the rest of your tooth and replace the missing fragments. 


You can get a dental crown to cover your fractured and chipped tooth. It is a porcelain cap that your dentist will put over your damaged teeth. They will cement to make it work and look exactly like your natural teeth. Crowns can also stabilize your teeth or fill up fractured fillings and correct tooth decay. A porcelain crown is long-lasting and can be used for almost 15 years. 

Tooth Injury 

If you have knocked out teeth, you have to replace them to maintain your jawbone. Otherwise, the jawbone will deteriorate from underuse. Here is how your dentist will fix it. 


Under certain circumstances, your dentist will be able to reattach your tooth. If that is not an option, you can always get dental implants. They are artificial real-looking teeth secured with a metal screw in your gum. They will replace your original teeth and look and work just like them. 


And those are the most common tooth injuries and the treatments you can use to fix them. If you still have any queries, book an appointment at our dental clinic. Our dentists will look at your injury and help you get the best treatment. Contact us today!

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