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Does SMP Hair Treatment Treat Hair Loss?

SMP or small micro pigmentation is a common cosmetic procedure. It is related to hair fall or baldness problems that work with a tattooing procedure. However, it does not mean getting this treatment from a tattoo artist. But, the procedure is required to be done by a hair surgeon. SMP hair treatment involves the pigmentation into the scalp using needles to give a resembled look of hairs. However, you can get real and natural looks with this procedure if done correctly. But, many folks like you often has doubt whether this procedure cause hair loss or not. So, this post can clear your doubt promptly.

What is Small Micro Pigmentation suited for?

Before diving deeper into the working of this procedure, you must know that it could address various hair loss issues. You can consider this treatment for:

  • Androgenic alopecia is mainly triggered by genetics in males. It can cause partial or complete baldness on the crown and top of the head.
  • It is also helpful for females to cover the bald patches due to hair thinning.
  • Using SMP, you can even get rid of small scars on the scalp that are due to accidents and surgeries.
  • This treatment is also referred to as a medical hairline tattoo since it is not like an ordinary tattoo. The procedure is proven and involves natural pigmentation, which is non-allergic.

The actual role of small micro pigmentation

If you are seeking SMP hair treatment, then it could deliver expected results to you. But, the foremost thing you must know is that this treatment has nothing to do with hair growth. It can simply cover the bald patches on your head with pigmentation. The hair surgeon would have to match the natural color of your hair to give a real look. So, if you are seeking any hair growth with a hair treatment, then you should avoid it. But, another good point is that it never hinders the growth of hairs as well. So, if you want to get a hair growth treatment after this procedure, there is no worry at all. It would simply add micro tattoos that will replicate denser and natural hairlines.

Benefits of scalp micro pigmentation

Versatile treatment

SMP is a versatile cosmetic treatment that can deal with hair loss problems to give you natural looks. You can get this treatment to defeat the stigma that is due to hair loss. It can be used at the sides, top, and front of the scalp for hiding baldness.


If you are scared of incisions, cuts, and stitches, then this treatment is probably designed for you. It is purely a non-surgical procedure, so you will not have to deal with any pain.


Unlike hair transplantation, SMP hair treatment is less expensive and will not make a burning hole in your pocket. The average cost for this treatment is 1200 $ but might increase as per area to be treated. However, you might need more than one session for full head coverage.

Natural results

SMP is a precise method that will cover your bald patches with natural hair follicles appearance. It will not cause any threat to natural hair and will stay on your scalp permanently.

Drawbacks of SMP

Not work for hair growth

No hair growth is associated with this treatment. It only works for hiding the bald patches. You can only replicate the appearance of a natural hairline with this treatment. Moreover, it can only give a fuller look to your hair but cannot work to make any hair length.

Hair color difference

Small micro pigmentation involves the risk of hair color disparity, especially when you have a plan to get a hair transplant. It would cause a difference in hair coloring, so it might not be a suitable option before hair implants.

To sum up

SMP hair treatment is a useful procedure to deal with hair fall or loss problems. This tattooed procedure can stun you with natural-looking results. It never causes loss of hair, nor can it cause any hair growth. But, still, it is a recommended procedure if you want an affordable hair treatment. You must consult with an expert hair surgeon to get it done rightly for superior outcomes.

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