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What are the steps to remodeling a house?

One of the most common questions that clients have before starting an interior design solution is: “How long will the repair take and how will it go?”. This is the second most important question from remodeling service, after “How much does it cost to interior remodel an apartment or modern townhouse interior design?”. Because timely completion of the task is just as crucial as a properly laid floor or evenly applied wallpaper.

As a result, we have written an essay that will teach you:

  • What constitutes a typical apartment renovation’s key phases?
  • How long does each individual stage of repair take
  • How long will the turnkey repair take?

What is the duration of the repair?

Before beginning the repair, at the basic planning stage, you can estimate how long it will take. To do this, you must identify the key elements that have a direct impact on the turnaround time for repairs. Below is a list of these elements:

  • The area of ​​the apartment. Regardless of how cliché it may sound, the longer the repair takes, the greater the footage;
  • The extent of the repair (whether substantial, aesthetic, etc.), as well as its intricacy. According to the complexity and time costs, repairs can be divided into types: comfort, standard, business class and premium. Accordingly, the higher the repair class, the more complex materials and finishes will be used during the work. Performing labor-intensive work, and finishing with more complex materials, respectively, requires more time and vice versa.
  • Starting with the team makeup for the task at hand and work-specific optimization.If the team includes narrow specialists (electrician, plasterer, painter), then in comparison with general-purpose masters, they will perform the same work 30% faster. Additionally, the duration is shortened if multiple tasks are completed concurrently; nevertheless, this also calls for masters with various skills. With this strategy, effective process management and precise planning are crucial.
  • From the presence of a design project. A well-designed project is half the success, as it allows you to optimally plan work, and avoid downtime and other overlays.
  • The initial state of housing – for example, complex repairs in a new building are faster and easier to implement, since some of the work is excluded.

The main stages of repair.

Many stages of apartment repairs are interchangeable. One could even argue that each individual work is a tiny stage that needs to be prepared for and completed precisely when necessary. But in general, repair work can be divided into 4 stages:

  • Preparatory stage (dismantling);
  • Rough finish;
  • Pre-finishing;
  • Clean finish.

If your apartment is not 72 m2 or two-room, and you want to know exactly how long the repair will last for you, or how much it will cost, then our specialists are ready to provide comprehensive information support. Contrary to the belief that repairs cannot be completed, but can only be suspended, we always set optimal and realistic deadlines for work. It is possible and necessary to optimize the repair time. For each object, when concluding a contract, we draw up a Gantt chart. This work schedule is a necessary document for the implementation of any project. Thanks to this diagram, you can not only track the timing of work at each stage, but also optimize the time that will be spent on repairs as much as possible. And based on this work schedule, you and I see that the repair of our test apartment will take 92 days.

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